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To protect or shelter; to make good; to insure. To cover a check means to deposit sufficient funds in a bank account to pay the amount written on a check or checks.

The right of a purchaser to buy goods other than those that were originally contracted for as a remedy in the event of a breach of contract by the seller.

In contract law concerning sales transactions, the Uniform Commercial Code provides that a buyer may use cover for protection in an action for breach of a sales contract. The person may, in Good Faith, purchase substitute goods when a seller violates their contract by failure to deliver goods. The buyer may then recover the difference between the original goods or contract price and the cost of cover.

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Security forces quickly took cover and retaliated in self-defence," said Superintendent of Police (SP) Mohit.
Wayne Bass, 34, says he was infected as he took cover from Taliban fire in ditches full of sheep excrement.
Natividad shot at Bayona, who took cover and fired back, hitting the suspect's abdomen.
Air raid sirens sounded in the city and residents took cover. But there were no casualties from the two rockets, which landed south of the city, in Rishon Lezion, and in the sea.
He was shouting incomprehensibly and they took cover and called for an armed response team."
During the engagement, two people got out of the rear vehicle from each side - the passenger and driver - and dashed about 20 metres and took cover.
Police arrived at the scene and took cover as Sergeant Alistair Brown tried to talk him into putting down the gun.
A YOUNG swan that took cover under a car after crash landing in Coventry has been rescued by the RSPCA and returned to the wild.
One man was hurt as he took cover from five shots fired by the passenger.
Nilong died on the spot while his uncle managed to run for his life and took cover.
The patrol took cover in an irrigation ditch observing the insurgents movements and returning fire.