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v. to gain or obtain possession, including the receipt of a legacy from an estate, getting title to real property, or stealing an object.

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TAKE. This is a technical expression which signifies to be entitled to; as, a devisee will take under the will. To take also signifies to seize, as to take and carry away.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Less than a week after taking down championship contender Bacoor, Pasay took down another giant in Batangas City, 72-61, behind a strong game from Dhon Reverente.
China takes down statement on sinking of Philippine fishing vessel !-- -- Gaea Katreena Cabico (Philstar.com) - June 15, 2019 - 10:59am MANILA, Philippines The Chinese Embassy in Manila took down its statement on the sinking of a Philippine fishing boat near Recto Bank, in which it has confirmed that a Chinese vessel was involved in the incident.
Facebook took down 200 pages, groups and accounts supposedly linked with a person who was reportedly part of the team of social media strategists of Duterte's campaign for alleged "coordinated inauthentic behavior."
Summary: Washington DC, [USA] Sep 09 (ANI): Social media giant Facebook that took down one the nude picture of late Hollywood star Burt Reynolds, is posting it back.
She also said a party member took down the registration of a car involved in another incident and forwarded it to gardai.
BAGHDAD, Sept 10 (KUNA) -- Hundreds of angry protestors on Sunday took down three flags of the Kurdistan region as they staged a rally in support of the "No for Now" campaign to express their opposition to the Kurdistan independence referendum set for September 25.
Many customers compared the outage with the Amazon Web Services disruption in February and took down a bunch of website including Audible, Quora and Netflix.
Marist 18, Springfield 4: The Spartans (7-4, 3-3) took down the Millers (2-7-1, 0-6) on the road in a league matchup.