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I was quoted as saying he had hair like a bird's nest and I don't think he took kindly to it, then we ended up coming face to face at Red Nose Day and making up.
Sunnis consider themselves to be the true natives of the city and never took kindly to the mass influx of Alawites -- members of a Shiite sect to which Assad also belongs -- to Homs and its surrounding districts since the late 1960s.
Some Reddit users took kindly to Shatner's post, but some did not.
Wales coach Gatland hardly took kindly to that move.
England have not lifted the 6 Nations trophy since the World Cup winning year of 2003 so the team's desire will be as strong as ever, especially with Jonno, a man who never took kindly to defeat as a player, in the coaching hot seat.
Moscow Flyer was 'retired' after finishing fifth in last year's Champion Chase, a race he won in 2003 and 2005, but, according to his trainer, the old boy was never a horse who took kindly to inactivity.