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v. to gain or obtain possession, including the receipt of a legacy from an estate, getting title to real property, or stealing an object.

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TAKE. This is a technical expression which signifies to be entitled to; as, a devisee will take under the will. To take also signifies to seize, as to take and carry away.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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During the delay, around 50 passengers stuck waiting on the plane canceled their travel plans and disembarked, but the flight eventually took off for Istanbul with their baggage still aboard.
Airbus tweeted out images of the giant cargo plane as it took off from Toulouse in France.
He said after the fault was removed, the plane took off for Tokyo and returned to Beijing and then to Islamabad.
The first flight took off at 10am-- Air India Express, to Abu Dhabi."
class="story-body__introductionAll flights were grounded at Seattle-Tacoma international airport in the US when a passenger plane took off without permission, reported Authorities said an airline employee had made an unauthorised take-off" without passengers.
The star's most famous scene in the show was in episode 13, when a young boy was rushed into the ER with a rapid arterial bleeding and she took off her headscarf and tied it tightly on his thigh to help stop the bleeding.
Airport sources said the plane took off at 12:08 pm (1608 GMT) heading for the eastern city of Holguin, 670 kilometres (415 miles) away.
Muscat: An Egyptian commercial airplane had to return to Muscat International Airport half an hour after it took off, early morning on Wednesday.
"Time travel is possible!" Flightradar tweeted and wrote, "Flight #HA446 just took off from New Zealand in 2018 and will land in Hawaii back in 2017!"
It said there was a "high" risk of collision between the Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft, which are used commercially, and the drone as it took off on September 8.
Flight CI-835 took off on its four-hour trip at 1:56 p.m., but barely had it passed Penghu in the Taiwan Straits, or three Japanese citizens started making trouble, threatening to light up cigarettes and attacking cabin personnel.