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MICHAEL Hart was a hardworking man who took pleasure in passing on his knowledge and skills.
Evidence given to the court proved without question that the three defendants took pleasure in imposing a reign of terror on the Hall family, forcing the eventual closure of the farm - effectively cutting off the supply of animals required for important medical research, thereby slowing down advances in medicine.
Chairman Gile also took pleasure in announcing a special dividend of $.
This was my first real trip being the team manager with all the Darkstar guys, and the entire team took pleasure in really giving me hell by said things above.
SIR - Regarding Councillor Michael Michael's recent letter concerning Cardiff City Farm, I visited Cardiff City Farm on many occasions over the years, and took pleasure in seeing it develop and grow, thanks to the tireless work of staff and volunteers.
If they are as sloppy at the back as they were against Denmark, anyone who took pleasure from Scotland's
He took pleasure in adding an image which had special meaning for a donor,' writes his wife.
Kauffman and Crane took pleasure in denouncing the recent tabloid report that predicted Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, would die in childbirth.
As always, Banham took pleasure in the irritation his argument would undoubtedly produce.
Nevertheless, most children did have simple toys to play with and parents took pleasure in their company and followed their development with interest.
It has been said that he actually took pleasure in pain, and after each healthy period, yearned for illness to strike him down.