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THE teenager who killed an OAP with a claw hammer enjoyed violence and took pleasure in the attack, said prosecution lawyers.
From an early age, he took pleasure in writing short and humorous essays, and won his first award while still in high school.
A SAVAGE dentist who took pleasure in mutilating 120 patients has been jailed.
She enjoyed several years of tending bar at Scooby Doo's in Clinton and took pleasure in riding motorcycles.
My study and figures are unscientific, but are the experiences of just one person who once took pleasure from birdlife.
Greed, a collapse in respect for authority and common criminality played a part as looters emptied shops and the violent took pleasure in inflicting injury and causing damage.
I hope he took pleasure in knowing that some of his students took his lessons with them into government and, to the best of their abilities, gave life to those lessons.
Right when we took pleasure in the fact that "Doing Business" portrayed us as a top-reformer, the Washington-based Cato Institute told us that we are not that great according to the economic freedoms.
London, Sept 14 (ANI): Reg Traviss has revealed that "feminine" Amy Winehouse took pleasure in simple things and lived a normal life.
But, over the course of three months, unit manager and nurse Hill took pleasure in squirting water in her face, dropping food on her forehead and unnecessarily moving her in the electronic hoist.
It is pertinent to mention that a woman was made to lie down on her stomach and tortured in a police station of Faisalabad in the presence of senior male officers who took pleasure out of watching the humiliating act.
The beast took pleasure in fathering children by his daughters and would continue to rape them despite problems with their pregnancies, the court heard.