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Still, rebuilding took the next six years, with the university operating out of hundreds of trailers and temporary structures while the campus took shape again.
He proposes a dialectical account in which whiteness took shape partly as a way of accommodating Irish immigrants into the party's electoral coalition, a putative attribute that expressed commonality with nativist Jacksonians.
Astronomers conjecture that larger galaxies took shape first because their greater mass hastened their gravitational collapse.
But the traditional categories by which differences have been defined took shape in a patriarchal culture and are marked by a powerful prejudice.
Built on land donated to GTS in 1819 by Clement Clarke Moore (the poet of 'Twas the night before Christmas), the Chelsea Square campus took shape in 1883-1902 and is the oldest extant collegiate quadrangle in New York City, known for the serenity of its shaded grounds and Gothic Revival buildings.
Students, too, will find the book useful in understanding how this legislation took shape from a contemporary-historical perspective and what the legislation means for the stakeholders of social policy at the federal, state, and local level and for the nations's citizenry, social service organizations, and the clients of welfare agencies.