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But, in the midst of the first blast of winter, the first win of the post-Mourinho era took the edge off the chill.
We had our best team on the field at the end but we won the title last week and it is understandable that that took the edge off our game a little bit, so in that sense it was a good time for West Ham to play us.
But United defended well and gradually took the edge off the Brighouse game plan.
It's only 17 days since he won at Wetherby and I think that race took the edge off him.
On second thought, we can't decide which is creepier--Karina getting it on with herself or saying that "doing it with women on the show got so repetitive that it took the edge off doing it with women off the show.
Missing the return totally took the edge off his day's work - one that actually began with a bogey.
Thanks to Collingwood equalling his highest first-class score which included 28 fours and two sixes, Durham took control on the opening day before a late slump took the edge off their earlier efforts.
This took the edge off for all of the participants.
Bridie looked a little concerned as well, but I think my smile took the edge off of it for everyone.
Kielland was perhaps the foremost Norwegian prose stylist of his day, and the witty and ironic temper of his work often took the edge off his biting social criticism.
The oral medications took the edge off, but they didn't make me comfortable," Heather explained.