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The next year, Schaber, Mulholland, Wathen, Chelsea Bradley, Jennie Frederking and Jeremy Lohman all took the plunge in front of a crowd of about 25 people.
AT least 1,000 people took the plunge yesterday in the Boxing Day dip at Seaburn beach in Sunderland organised by the Lions Club of Sunderland.
HAVING thrown the race away from the front at Catterick last week, Celtic Legend was ridden a lot more patiently in the two-mile handicap chase at Huntingdon, and plenty took the plunge at between 2 and 3 on Betfair as he moved closer to Jolly Boy on the home turn.
After a few seconds, I took the plunge and said, "Grandpa, what if that old cellar was actually a hiding place for slaves escaping on the Underground Railroad?
So I took the plunge and ultimately it did work out.
I was tempted, and felt free for a moment just before I took the plunge.
This man took the plunge in a lake near Valdai-Iverskiy Monastery in Valdai,Novgorod region, some 400 miles north east of Moscow.
DO you remember when these brave ladies took the plunge for a refreshing dip in Roath Park Lake?
We met over two years ago in a chat room; after numerous E-mails and phone calls, we took the plunge and met, and the rest is history.
So, Labor Day 2002, Lessiter took the plunge and dropped 113,000 pieces of a combined package offering both the newsletter and a mini-catalog offering some 35 different special report titles.
LEGAL executive Elaine Crowder took the plunge to help raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.
A SCUBA diver took the plunge by proposing eight feet under water.