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Questions surrounding the financial dealings of fallen sports memorabilia dealer-photo archive buyer John Rogers took wing thanks to an FBI raid and lawsuits by banks, investors and others.
com has compiled a list of the greatest innovations of aviation that have taken us ever further and faster in the 100 years since the Wright Brothers took wing.
Likewise Sting, who cut his teeth gigging around Tyneside, and Antony Gormley, whose career took wing after Gateshead commissioned The Angel of the North.
Almost miraculously, a movement took wing 18 months ago in the Arab Spring that was as fearless as Tueni -- as determined to break down the culture of lies, and as insistent that rational citizens should rule their own lives through democratic government, rather than submit to despots and their secret police.
But after the first tweet, the unfettered Twitter took wing, with guesses winning over any facts.
Wonder took wing for young and old when Wingmasters presenter Julie Anne Collier introduced live birds of prey to the audience during her show July 14 at Merriam-Gilbert Public Library in West Brookfield.
When the Italian flag bearers tossed their colourful banners, a number took wing and flew across the crowd like multi-coloured storks.
Their genesis seems to be the "lifestyle" funds that, according to NU archives, first took wing in the late 1980s.
Lapwings and skylarks took wing when the waters came but their young have probably perished.
A party that truly took wing, thanks to chairs Robert and Lisa Morris and Trevor and Nikki Taylor.
Unwin, the curator for fossil reptiles and birds of the Museum of Natural History in Berlin, describes how the first pterosaurs took wing some 220 million years ago.