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This want of tools made every work I did go on heavily; and it was near a whole year before I had entirely finished my little pale, or surrounded my habitation.
But when I had wrought out some boards as above, I made large shelves, of the breadth of a foot and a half, one over another all along one side of my cave, to lay all my tools, nails and ironwork on; and, in a word, to separate everything at large into their places, that I might come easily at them.
This same person, with almost incredible patience and perseverance, had contrived to provide himself with tools requisite for so unparalleled an attempt.
They desired some dried goat- skins for beds and covering, which were given them; and upon giving their words that they would not disturb the rest, or injure any of their plantations, they gave them hatchets, and what other tools they could spare; some peas, barley, and rice, for sowing; and, in a word, anything they wanted, except arms and ammunition.
When they had done, and the fright the women were in was a little over, the men went to work, and the Spaniards came and helped them: and in a few hours they had built them every one a new hut or tent for their lodging apart; for those they had already were crowded with their tools, household stuff, and provisions.
believes the Web is an essential tool for relationship building and helping clients locate advisers, he said it's not for everyone.
Instructors can use the synchronous white board tool or the asynchronous discussion forum tool to model or explain a procedure or concept assisting students in strategic planning.
Services include product design and development, computer modeling, models and prototypes, tool design and building services, tool tryouts to 3000-ton presses, lost core tool tryouts, mold-maintenance and repair, and full CAD/CAM system.
but realize that this is an astounding number of machine tools), had some horizontal machining centers that had been running 24-hours-a-day, six-days-a-week for nearly eight years that it had purchased from a no-longer-existing machine tool company.
explosive ordnance disposal response tool kit (EOD response),
4-cm) diameter disc-shaped casting was selected to validate the cutting tool wear test concept initially on ASTM A159 G3000 and G1800 gray cast iron grades.
If you can borrow the right tool, you have little incentive to return it, as the same emergency might arise again - especially since the odds that you fixed it right the first time are slim.