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1) PCD tooling can last 100 times the life of carbide tooling under ideal working conditions.
Services offered include prototyping, mold sampling, trim tooling, deflashing tooling and mold refurbishing.
According to Lutz, machined castings were delivered, after tooling and machined samples, two and a half weeks from the time the customer came to the firm.
Adopting this type of gang-style tooling on a turret may not be a new idea but it is worth re-visiting for a cost effective, competitive edge.
Drawbacks to shrink-fit tooling were that an induction-heating machine is required to setup and breakdown a tool.
"We have seen an increased demand for tooling used in the aerospace in-dustry with the main focus on nonferrous ma-terials.
To check the accuracy of castings made from the tooling, a print must be made from the model to check casting features.
Quarder is licensed by T/Mould to build tooling with two capabilities that a traditional stack mold cannot touch, says Wilhelm Kliewer, Quarder's product manager for technical sales of tandem technologies.
Some of the types of tools that are repairable are milling cutters up to 42", indexable drills, ball nose end mills, helical end mills, V-flange tooling, and more.
As advanced high-strength steels are being deployed For automotive parts, the demands on the tooling used in the stamping of these parts are greatly increasing, observes Ed 5everson, technical manager, New Business Development, Bohler-Uddeholm (; Rolling Meadows, IL).
Tool taxis are available in a variety of sizes and different styles for tool assemblies to be handled: V-flange tooling, straight shank tooling or modular tooling (e.g., KM, HSR, Capto, etc.).