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The plaster casts can only approximate tooth positions by relation to each through other external reference points.
Tooth Position and Movement: If the tooth is placed or moved buccally the thickness of the facial gingiva decreases.
An outline was drawn along the alveolar mucosal surface from the recorded base buccal edge to the lingual edge on a cross-section of the image for each tooth position, and the points were perpendicular to the tangential line at the alveolar ridge crest.
Effect modifiers such as gender, tooth position were controlled by stratification.
Fixed or removable maxillary and mandibular appliances that are used either to correct transverse relationships or to increase arch circumference or to correct the individual tooth position should be an integral part of a practitioner's armentarium.
Independent sample T-test was used to compare the mean non carious cervical lesions values for all dichotomous variables (gender, tooth sensitivity, fractured cusp, flat cusps/ cusp facets, gastric disorder/acidity, stress disorder, pan chalia/ chewing, teeth grinding, tooth position and tooth arch).
1) The anomalies of tooth position among these disorders are: rotation of teeth, migration and transposition.
Variation of tooth position, a metric study of variations and adaption in the deciduous and permanent dentition.
Surgical exposure of the impacted canine and the use of fixed orthodontic appliances is the most frequently used treatment alternative as long as the tooth position is favourable.
The plunger cusp effect may occur with wear as indicated above, or may be the result of a shift in tooth position following failure to replace missing teeth.
The most significant factors causing gingival recession are considered to be periodontal disease, improper oral hygiene measures, repeated minor trauma (faulty tooth brushing) and iatrogenic dentistry, along with some predisposing factors such as thin gingiva, a prominent root surface, bony dehiscence, abnormal tooth position, frenal pull, , and some orthodontic movement of teeth.