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In The pages of her newest cookbook, "Salad Days", Amy draws upon her years of culinary experience and expertise to showcase 75 simply outstanding salad recipes that feature not just greens with zesty dressings but also incorporate satisfying proteins, such as fish, chicken, eggs, cheese, and nuts, as well as other toothsome ingredients like grains and noodles, and even fruit.
But trolling toothsome Rylan Clark-Neal because his new quiz Babushka will replace The Chase for a while?
Certainly one could use the book as a guide on luxuriant baking days to tackle any number of toothsome creations, succinctly and expertly explained.
The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium& Savory Feast Kitchen is now open at Universal Orlando's CityWalk and promises a ''world of unimaginable desserts, delectable dishes and a one-ofa-kind atmosphere''.
The toothsome twosome has something in common, though.
Moist, tender and toothsome, these braised "shepherd-style" tacos aren't the traditional spit-grilled pastor you might expect, but they're porky marvels nonetheless.
A dense outer layer of wonderfully carbonised cow gave way to flesh that was both toothsome and yielding, with pinkish smoke marks running throughout.
Visitors would also be provided a chance to enjoy toothsome regional delicacies including famous Chappli Kabab and Biryani.
Toothsome and pliant are synonymous yet have poignantly different mouthfeel: one is of Latin, the other of Germanic extraction; they belong to distinct registers; the latter's sensuousness contrasts with the former's sibilant-fricative cluster, an obstacle to fluency.
The Chilean Sea Bass with peppers is not exceptional but proves to be toothsome.
Author Mark Spitzer has appeared on Animal PlanetAEs River Monsters for his expertise on gar, a species of large, toothsome, air-breathing fish found around the world.
THE toothsome family group The Osmonds were at the top with Love Me For A Reason, 40 years ago.