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Another fan shared a video of Beyonce dancing, as though she is celebrating the success of "Top Off."
I just happened to be on set and I heard the director say to her, 'What I want you to do is take your top off and show your breasts and start touching yourself.' You could see this girl visibly blanch and not know what to do, because it was one of her first jobs."
"Can you imagine if it was Top Gear and Katie Price was dropped as a guest for refusing to take her top off? There would be outrage.
Unlike "bulk and dribble" systems in which the first "bulk" fill is followed by slow series of "dribble" fills until the target weight is met, the Nalbach system's "top off" fill is a single fast fill.
The wonderful chapter on desserts offers Cream Puffs with Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce along with other savory dishes to top off any meal.
The DVD recommends that instead of twisting the top off with your hand, it should be rolled off on your forearm before pouring.
Married-man Currell told the girl she was pretty enough to be a topless model and tried to take her top off.
The researchers calculated the consequence of filling that surface with just enough fluid to top off all the small divots without causing them to overflow.
Firefighters had to cut the top off the BMW, which was in collision with a lorry on the M1 northbound carriageway, between junctions one and two, to rescue two men, a women and two babies.
The process is fully automatic and apart from a wash-coat that is applied to the spout and launder each shift, regular maintenance consists of cleaning the metal surface and walls of the furnace once a week, and lifting the top off the pump once a month.
The next day, the plant may have absorbed enough liquid to end up uncovered, so top off the liquid level.
To top off that sweet bread, wrap it in colored cellophane paper and tie it with fancy ribbons.