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Ian Goodfellow, one of the top people in artificial intelligence at Google (GOOG, GOOG), has joined Apple (AAPL) as director of machine learning in the Special Projects Group as the company increasingly seeks to use AI to bolster its software and hardware, CNBC's Jordan Novet reports, citing Goodfellow's LinkedIn page.
Actress FELICITY HUFFMAN, 56, is among over 40 top people charged for allegedly bribing a US college to get their kids in.
Also, Fearne is one of my top people to follow on Instagram because she keeps it real and always manages to have a messier mess on top of her head than I do.
Woodward is also said to have told White that the 'top people in the game' want the United job on a permanent basis.
Stop paying huge wages to the so-called top people. Put them on minimum wage.
It was no worse than shorts and a vest top people wear every day.
Just before pulling into the new emergency centre on Wednesday, he said: "We have just driven past the new depot for the emergency services and we thought, why not go in and see if they will accept an ice cream off us because they are top people.
The truth is that the top people of the CBC, including governors, were deemed blameless for the collapse of the banking system they were supposedly supervising.
SIR David Attenborough, US President Barack Obama and Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio top people's wish-lists for their dream dinner guests, a poll suggests.
BEIJING, Muharram 11, 1437, Oct 24, 2015, SPA -- China will be able to keep economic growth at around 6-7 percent annually over the next three to five years, Reuters quoted a top People's Bank of China policymaker as saying on Saturday.
When challenged about the unfairness of this, they claim that they are being rewarded for success and that without these huge increases in salary top people would flee abroad.