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Just before pulling into the new emergency centre on Wednesday, he said: "We have just driven past the new depot for the emergency services and we thought, why not go in and see if they will accept an ice cream off us because they are top people.
When challenged about the unfairness of this, they claim that they are being rewarded for success and that without these huge increases in salary top people would flee abroad.
Bristan receives its top people management award, with from left, Investors in People Awards judge, Rob |Jones, head of organisational effectiveness (Crossrail); Joanne Hatton, HR Director; Kate Stranks, group learning & development manager; Jeremy Ling, CEO; and awards host Rory Bremner
NOW that the election is over and having witnessed the highs and the lows of the top people concerned I must refer us all back to a quote that was printed in the Examiner on March 6 this year made by a certain Mr Nick Clegg.
It was like looking up to the top people in the Premier League.
He said bosses of small businesses were "furious" at the rewards for top people who don't take risks.
A society where the top people dine on caviar, and the poor eat grass.
Summary: Justin Bieber is the richest teenager in Hollywood, beating the likes of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Lautner, to top People magazine's teen rich list.
I remember going to Southampton in the Premier League and when I said I wanted to finish top people looked at me as if I was stupid.
Hampton told Radio 4 that "bankers' pay continues to be astonishingly high", adding: "If we don't pay our top people, they leave very quickly.