top person

See: key man
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You know, my father's brother was a top person at MIT, went to MIT, graduated from MIT, was a teacher at MIT, a professor at MIT, a great engineer.
We wanted to make sure we had the top person for this (job)," ECC President David Sam said.
I think he's a top person for doing that, even though the fans were upset when he left.
It's a pleasure to play with him, he's a top player and a top person.
Donors who choose to make a large investment over time want to deal with the top person and understand their vision, where they are leading the institution, and how the donor can be part of that," says Heil, vice president for development.
I think all Liverpudlians will join me in paying tribute to a top footballer, a top manager and most importantly a top person.
Julie Kalama "This is a fitting gesture and tribute to an absolutely top person and player who was at the top of his profession, and who was admired by everyone who met him.
This has been a heated battle from the beginning, as DuPont has resisted having a top executive from Trian on its board, though Trian has stated that it does want a top person to take the board sat.
It couldn't be the top person because your CEO rated him, but it had to be someone senior enough to be seen to be signifi- cant.