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Sports law professors and the publication's readers helped select the top twenty firms, choosing based on experience in the field and passion for the work, according to the report.
Though Kaur didn't make it beyond top twenty, she did bag the title of 'Miss Social Media', which Vanya Mishra won last year.
A chance meeting with manager Tony Hall outside an Aretha Franklin show in London in the late 60s led to a record deal for the four-piece vocal group and top twenty hits Friends and I Will Survive followed.
The Independent Top Twenty ranks teleport operators based on revenue from all sources.
More information regarding the July 2008 Top Twenty ranking is available at http://www.
a, the first version in this family, was detected in September 2003, the Top Twenty has never included a worm from this family before,
The Top Twenty list is a living document, created through consensus and building on the experiences of those on the front lines of the fight against hackers and malware.
com/top100/ and release the top twenty most-searched pharmaceutical terms to the trade and consumer media.
With the exception of the four front-runners, there was a striking amount of shifting and turnover among the BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE Top Twenty.
For the fifth consecutive year, Harris CapRock Communications has been ranked number one on The Independent Top Twenty listing by the World Teleport Association (WTA).
4 Which dancer gave British band Wedding Present a 1992 UK top twenty hit?