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He said: "It's a shame the Black Eyed Peas left it so late to back out when everyone's paid for a ticket and paid top whack.
And, since Beefeater is just a fast food chain with knobs on, I've never been convinced it would be worth paying top whack here.
Why pay top whack aiming for a big prize when you can, through a series of qualifiers, make it into the big tournament for a much smaller amount?
3 seconds and 250km/h top whack and this is combined with a respectable 6.
Well that's the case with Audi's A5 Sportback, a sleek and sexy model that oozes class and elegance, guarantees top whack comfort and offers a dollop of practicality too.
Speed keeps building smoothly until you reach the 70mph top whack, making it safe for those motorway stints.
The Golf GTI Mk VI is the quickest Golf to date with a top whack of 149mph and a blistering sprint time of zero to 62mph of just 6.
The Bank pays top whack for the public sector - though less than the Financial Services Authority - and it has a terrific non-contributory pension scheme, reckoned to cost 41 per cent of pay-But it cannot match City bonuses.
Pete Boyle was escorted from St Andrew's just minutes before kick-off, despite paying top whack for a ticket.
Fans are paying top whack to sleep in the bed he spluttered in.