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The team showed that when the top-heavy bug tilts, the swirls of air ejected from the far side of the body automatically adjust to keep it upright.
The top-heavy rules are particularly harsh on small businesses that employ family members; they discriminate by treating all family members as key employees, regardless of salary level and percentage of ownership (IRC section 318).
The argument usually advanced by the company: Had it known the plan was going to be top heavy (or that the top-heavy obligation was going to be so great), it would have taken some action to avoid or reduce the liability.
When the original Pelican volume appeared, it was criticized for its top-heavy approach in which early seventeenth-century painting leads to Hals and Rembrandt and later Dutch art in turn flows from them.
While the ship was docked in New York Harbor in 1942, a fire broke out Firefighters sprayed so much water on the ship's top deck that the ship became top-heavy.
Besides blocking the view even more, this new top-heavy crown can catch the wind like a sail, increasing the risk of the tree falling during a storm.
New growth changes topography with buildings top-heavy and wide, devouring air.
Keynes: Consider this: When I left you in 1946, the world's largest corporations and public sector enterprises had already been forced to adopt an expensive, top-heavy structure consisting of thousands of overpaid, understretched middle managers employed to move pieces of paper from their in-trays to their out-trays, occasionally glancing at their contents en route.
It is estimated that nearly 70% of companies experience top-heavy testing concerns with their 401(k) plans.
The massive top-heavy influence and huge majority represented by these MPs will always ensure that they will exercise ultimate control of the affairs of Wales, particularly when the interests of England are at stake (remember Tryweryn).
Stocks were top-heavy as the dollar sustained its overnight weakness against the yen in the mid-80 yen range in Tokyo early Tuesday.
Like the Spanish giants, the French are top-heavy with a litany of attacking players.