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Surprisingly, their results showed that the top-heavy bugs hovered stably while those with a lower center of mass could not maintain their balance.
With no weight below to keep it steady, it was top-heavy.
To make it less likely that a plan would be deemed top-heavy, the EGTRRA narrowed the definition of key employees by nearly doubling the compensation limit from $67,500 in 2000 to $130,000 in 2001.
As an example, the AICPA cited simplifying the definition of compensation and repealing the top-heavy discrimination rules which would ease reporting requirements.
Claims are most often made against the administrative or actuarial firm that performed the top-heavy test.
The box that appeared on page 17 of your December issue ("Do you have a top-heavy plan?
The April 15th Israel Solidarity Rally was top-heavy with liberal-left CFR members, such as Representatives Richard Gephardt and Jane Harman, Senator Charles Schumer, AFL-CIO President John J.
The Church is very top-heavy in European-born saints who also happened to be either bishops, priests, or religious.
Her writing style was not overblown or top-heavy with metaphors and symbolism, but rather almost anti-New Yorker in approach, with a leanness and frankness rarely seen in the pages of a publication reserved for the stiff trend interpreters of the city's tony elite.
It's a perfectly legitimate argument: The book, after all, has the top-heavy issues of race and class already on its wide and elliptical mind.
The more top-heavy the vehicle is, the more likely it is to roll over, it added.
And given the top-heavy status of today's market, Pattison's view is remarkably tonic.