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Surprisingly, their results showed that the top-heavy bugs hovered stably while those with a lower center of mass could not maintain their balance.
With no weight below to keep it steady, it was top-heavy.
Christopher Cox (R-Calif.), the committee's chairman, explained that the committee was, in Hudson's words, "top-heavy with chairmen of other committees, making scheduling difficult." Cox says the committee now has new members, and promises that the situation will improve.
* Are there underserved areas where TEI's presence could be improved while being top-heavy or saturated in others?
Thatcher and her cronies starved hospitals of cash, didn't train enough doctors or nurses and created a top-heavy NHS full of bureaucrats.
In order to ensure that all retirement plans have a representative balance of participants and are not dominated by higher-paid employees, they are subject to annual top-heavy testing (IRC section 416(g)).
Rock's history has been one of constant reinvention by artists too crazy or ignorant to understand the rules, and its canon is top-heavy with the music of weirdos, drug addicts, and idiots savants.
The Denmark international is on his way out of Stamford Bridge as new manager Jose Mourinho looks to re-shape a squad top-heavy in numbers.
The agency recently offered buyouts to up to 600 employees, saying it is top-heavy with middle managers.
If business sentiment in Japan is improving, foreign investors are still bullish and GDP and corporate profit numbers for the third and fourth quarters are expected to be good, why is the Topix so top-heavy?
As an example, the AICPA cited simplifying the definition of compensation and repealing the top-heavy discrimination rules which would ease reporting requirements.