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It had the makings of a covert rendezvous followed by a stealth mission to a top-secret location for the ultimate thrill-seeking experience.
The Soviets paid him pounds 38,000 for top-secret documents, including material on tactical nuclear weapons targeting the Soviet bloc and a handbook listing reconnaissance and intelligence-collection systems.
He joins the all-Navajo 297th Platoon and is sent to a special code school, where he learns an unbreakable top-secret code based on Navajo: a code so secret that the government only declassified the story in 1969 (they had thought they might use the code again).
A COLLECTION of top-secret Second World War documents which formed the basis for a string of best-selling books have gone on public display for the first time.
He thinks the fluff-free breed, produced by his top-secret method of crossing a small bare-skinned bird with a regular broiler (raised for meat) chicken, could revolutionize the global poultry industry.
US experts said they would have been able to fly the top-secret EP-3 surveillance plane home.
But during World War II, it became President Roosevelt's top-secret meeting room.
The bagman knew Horton was a respected CIA veteran, a former Mexican station chief who had been called back from an eight-year retirement to take over the controversial post of National Intelligence Officer (NIO) for Latin America on the elite inter-agency panel that turned out the intelligence community's top-secret surveys known as Estimates.
And when it is complete, more than 1,000 top-secret files relating to the US presence will be released by the Pentagon to be stored there.