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This paper discusses hot topic discovery from Chinese text that combines statistics and linguistic technology.
Keywords: topic detection and tracking, single pass algorithm, text reconstruction, network topic detection
Topic models should be designed by considering properties or types of data.
Occasionally, students will come to the library without having selected a topic or with a very loose idea of what they want to write about.
The same student who began the topic reacts, agreeing with the content of the instructor's participation.
Often, the instigation for a posting could come from the site owner--although there are numerous ways that site members can be encouraged to start the topic development process by asking questions and submitting comments on their concerns.
Articles about specific topics can be located from the left-side navigation bar or by keyword searches using the site's search engine.
Quartermaster--An Army Combat Uniform topic sponsored by PEO Soldier:
They acknowledge that spatial choices will vary with topic and time, and should not be expected to hold constant.
Still other chapters dissect and analyze every aspect of the complex relationship between host and agent, successfully making this interaction the central topic.
So now we know that the average size of a topic is 676 words.
The Maps and GIS (geographic information systems) section of the site offers resources to help visitors customize their own Great Lakes map using GIS data (searchable by topic, region, or organization), online mapping tools, and a gallery of free downloadable maps.