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Some of these sources had either their own circumstances or agendas and therefore may not have done justice to the topic under consideration.
What the essay does provide, however, is an excellent introduction to the topic under consideration.
The essays present reviews of scholarship on the topic under consideration as well as original ideas.
The essays add another thematic element as well: Each author frames the topic under consideration not only in the critical cultural studies tradition but also in the writings of Jim Carey.
But this blind spot, like many in the book, simply exposes environmentalists' prejudices, without shedding any light on the merits of the topic under consideration.
FINANCIAL matters for carers is the topic under consideration at an event to mark Carers' Rights Day 2009.
Active engagement with the topic under consideration might be assumed," said Lib Dem John Pugh in a tetchy Commons motion.
But MP John Pugh (Lib Dem Southport) sponsored a Commons motion warning: "This House, while recognising the enormous benefits of the modern smartphone and the interest it generates, regrets the growing tendency of honourable members to interact with these devices during select committee meetings and short debates when active engagement with the topic under consideration might be assumed, and the seeming, if at times quite understandable, greater interest shown in e-mails and messages than in the contribution of parliamentary colleagues.
Because of the broad topic under consideration and the author's desire to present the data in a less scientifically rigorous manner, the treatment of the information is generally broad as well.
A topic under consideration is "human rights in the context of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Each chapter answers many questions about the topic under consideration as Kahn takes readers on a tour of the issues.
The first comes from the category magic: the term would have been disdained by many of the scholars who form the focus of this book, and its use here is destabilizing since it leaves readers unclear about the exact topic under consideration.