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The course database also maintains a mapping between the outcomes and the course topical outline.
Assessment: Each chapter begins with a topical outline that incorporates the chapter's learning objectives and listing knowledge and skills from the specific Athletic Training Educational Competencies that are addressed.
Though the new rules are not a wholesale adoption of the Federal Rules of Evidence, for practitioners' convenience and ease of reference, they follow the topical outline and numerical sequence of the federal rules.
McKinley presented a topical outline of his company's plan to the commissioners of the Port of Douglas County, Douglas County and Douglas County Public Utility District on Oct.
Also missing from the electronic edition is the extensive topical outline of entries available in print.
Each chapter begins with a set of learning objectives followed by a topical outline.
Table 9 provides a possible topical outline for a module about the performance measurement and management process.
1); four topical chapters (2-5) comprising the heart of the book, that rework and summarize issues discussed in some of his previous publications, primarily in Japanese; a transliteration of the topical outline of Yongs 'dzin Phur bu lcog's Bsdus grwa,(2) usefully including the definitions and examples drawn both from the Bsdus grwa and other basic Dge lugs pa bsdus grwa textbooks (ch.
Figure 3 illustrates the conversion of a topical outline with horizontal headings to a descriptive outline with vertical headlines for the tutorial section of a computerized lathe user manual.
A topical outline in the front matter groups entries according to themes including abortion, abuse and harm, animal welfare, the bioethics profession, biotechnology, chronic illness and long term care, concepts, death and dying, informed consent, ecology and the environment, end-of-life care, health law, human enhancement, pain and suffering, sexuality and gender, transplantation, and warfare, among other topics.
For convenience and ease of reference, the committee decided that it would follow the topical outline and numerical sequence of the federal rules.