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Genetic susceptibility to topically applied aminoglycosides is unknown.
In this study, a few drops of Vagisil were applied topically twice a day.
The teacher was expected to select classical quotations for his pupils and to organize them topically.
In these studies, that employed an established mouse model, systemic or topically administered buspirone produced significant reductions of two hallmark features of skin contact hypersensitivity: tissue swelling, and white blood cell infiltration into the affected area.
Following the derm-abrasion therapy, AVR 118 will be applied directly to one half of the inflamed facial tissue using the topically applied AVR 118 spray.
It can replace monolayer HIPS, PETG, or PVC sheets that are topically treated with surfactant antistats.
The first component is an emulsion in an internal aqueous phase that is surrounded by an emulsion in an oil phase, a surfactant emulsifier and a topically active compound.
The web site presents information topically, chronologically, and alphabetically.
A cream applied topically to the body was administered to patients Wednesday in the 20- to 30-bed diagnostic observation unit after a staff member in that department was diagnosed with scabies, said hospital spokeswoman Janice Newbold.
Tauman said the board also recommended the name change because the company plans to concentrate future Hydron Technology research on enhancing the effectiveness of topically applied, nonprescriptive medications.
For 30 years, dentists have been treating teeth topically with fluoride to make them more resistant to cavities.
Revance), today announced it has initiated a Phase Ib clinical trial of the Company's lead drug candidate, a topically delivered botulinum toxin type A gel for the treatment of facial lines and wrinkles.