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This refers to the article 'DPWH topples Bonifacio centennial monument in Makati' (Lifestyle, 11/20/17) by Edgar Allan M.
If we compare the rate at which an object topples from a static initial position to the rate that object topples if it is first set spinning, the topple rates in those situations may be dramatically different.
OVER Greedy chick topples as mum looks on EXCITED Baby tern gets in a flap when meal arrives BEAK PRACTICE Tiny tern tries to swallow a blue fish in New Jersey
"Nothing bodes well when the chariot topples," said 74-year-old Laxmi Dangol, a resident of Naqibahal, Patan, adding, "Not again, that was what we always wished, but there are some things beyond our control."
Your friend topples into a swimming pool while retrieving a beach ball.
OVERTHROWN: A boy topples the Russian president; RED CARPET TREATMENT: Putin lies on the deck