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But historians are not accountable for the difficulty of learning to read; and even you yourself, who do not altogether seem particularly friendly to very severe, very intense application, may perhaps be brought to acknowledge that it is very well worth-while to be tormented for two or three years of one's life, for the sake of being able to read all the rest of it.
Pierre looked at Dolokhov and his eyes dropped, the something terrible and monstrous that had tormented him all dinnertime rose and took possession of him.
Long before I had heard of the existence of snakes, I was tormented by them in my sleep.
Tormented, incited to hate, he was kept a prisoner so that there was no way of satisfying that hate except at the times his master saw fit to put another dog against him.
Karain stared stonily; and looking at his rigid figure, I thought of his wanderings, of that obscure Odyssey of revenge, of all the men that wander amongst illusions faithful, faithless; of the illusions that give joy, that give sorrow, that give pain, that give peace; of the invincible illusions that can make life and death appear serene, inspiring, tormented, or ignoble.
THE tormented parents of missing Deirdre Jacobs have told how their daughter's disappearance still keeps them awake at night.
He is also tormented by the ghost of Captain Stacy (Denis Leary), whose daughter Gwen (Emma Stone) is Peter's on-off girlfriend.
ROBIN VAN PERSIE has revealed he was tormented all summer by voices in his head - telling him he should have achieved MORE.
Tormented Gillian Ancell struggled to cope after knocking down 15-year-old Robyn Oldham.
Evanna said: "I was very tormented and, eventually I was just like, 'I hate this, I don't want to be this person any more'.
This is a man who has hounded, harassed, haunted, stalked and tormented his former partner for an agonising 11 years.
They are tormented and they woulddo anything to have Madeleine back.