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4) Its main strength is evocation: repeated readings on the same topic in different voices succeed (or fail) in conjuring the sense of the Old South, the hard times of the Great Depression, or the turning of the South from a traditional society embedded in the past to a modern society tormented by the memory of a tormentingly vanished past and the experience of a present that agrees but slightly with memory.
Using his artistic skills, Leonardo produced meticulously detailed drawings based on his observations of anatomy - drawings that he believed to be of far greater scientific value than contemporary reports written, he lamented, "in tormentingly long-winded and confused styles.
This knowledge is why her "affection" for him rankles so tormentingly: "Her undiminished affection, forced back upon her heart, swelled and rankled there tormentingly.
But the most tormentingly equivocating, unresolved reality in this microcosm attaches itself to the foreboding and yet normal figure of Joseph Car, who lives in the valley in an old house with the young woman Justine.
That is the chapter in which Raskolnikov has his first interview with the remarkable public prosecutor Porfiry Petrovitch, who turns out, paradoxically, to be tormentingly intimate with the criminal's psyche.