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Non-retaliation can lead their isolating tormentors to make malicious allegations and/or even murder them.
Here is the confusing part: A mentor can be a tormentor when the intellectual fit is not good, even though you like the same music and drink the same beer.
I already have a tormentor. Each one has their own."
While Bonds is a jerk of world-historic proportions, it's difficult to root against him when his chief tormentor is an IRS agent.
TORMENTOR' Caged beast: George got 10 years' TORMENTOR' Pervert: Muldoon spied on girls' School of scandal: Kerelaw closed in March
Substitute Keigan Parker was the chief tormentor and his mazy run after 51 minutes allowed John Murphy to take one touch past Aaron Brown and a second to fire home for the equaliser.
Fortunately McFly manages to best his tormentor without bloodshed (though a lot of manure is usually spilled on poor Biff).
But Tsao said this can be difficult, as people are often persecuted for a combination of reasons, and they can't possibly know what is going on in the mind of their tormentor.
Through the novel, Mardi is anxiously trying to fit in at the middle school in her neighborhood where she has a few friends, a boy she has a crush on, and a real tormentor, Ike, the school bully.
Her tormentor, a popular girl at school, loved to taunt Karen about the way she spoke and about her home life.
Where are we anyway?) Ken Lum, also from Vancouver, turns strip-mall business signs into platforms for direct expressions of cultural struggle (Grace Chung Financial, 2002, challenges an unnamed tormentor to "deal with me").
Then there's handsome, sexy Chester Sheffield, who alternates between the roles of Carmen's greatest love and chief tormentor.