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Because you are likely to be tired and fragile, try not to cry, especially in front of your tormentor, and remember-you will soon be out of school.
She and her tormentor were given separate class schedules for eighth grade.
Katie previously wrote in her autobiography of her devastation after hearing her tormentor was applying for parole.
ONCE again Eddie Sanders, the tormentor of Christians, uses his hackneyed logic to connect the hideous crime of cold-bloodied murder by brainwashed fanatics with the followers of Christ (Letters, December 27).
ROBBED of his childhood by a perverted uncle, an abuse victim last night vowed to finally start living again after watching his tormentor jailed.
He and Katy are about to run away when their tormentor rumbles their plan.
When your tormentor has finally been run off or captured by the police, could any reasonable person expect you to pay off debt acquired under such circumstances?
FIVE star Camelon issued a timely warning to newly promoted Harthill - and hat-trick hero Derek Sinclair was the tormentor in chief.
RUNDERWEAR describes the fascinating trend of potential female slasher victims in horror movies being chased by their tormentor in scantily clad attire.
Still, the bruised victim surprised everyone by not berating her doubly duplicitous tormentor from head to toe.
Heynes was the 16-year-old bullying victim who turned on his tormentor in a video clip which became a worldwide hit on YouTube.