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"The good Father Claude does not know Norman of Torn if he thinks he runs out the back door like an old woman because a sword looks in at the front door."
It is sufficient that he is the friend of Norman of Torn, and that Norman of Torn be here in person to acknowledge the debt of friendship.
But Norman of Torn saw red when he fought and the red lured him ever on into the thickest of the fray.
In a moment one was disarmed, another down, and the remaining two fleeing for their lives toward the high road with Norman of Torn close at their heels.
During these days the boy rode Sir Mortimer abroad in many directions until he knew every bypath within a radius of fifty miles of Torn. Sometimes the old man accompanied him, but more often he rode alone.
On one occasion he chanced upon a hut at the outskirts of a small hamlet not far from Torn, and, with the curiosity of boyhood, determined to enter and have speech with the inmates, for by this time the natural desire for companionship was commencing to assert itself.
Oscar-nominated Torn, a character actor best known for roles in Men In Black, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and TV's The Larry Sanders Show, died on Tuesday, his representative said.
Torn, whose late-career resurgence included a key role on U.S.
Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said he "really cannot say that broken seals in the ballot boxes are the norm." class="twitter-tweet" .0229885057471 sticker may have torn during movemnt of the truck as the "lap," or the torn edge, appears uneven.
(Sagittal T2 Weighted Image) shows Double PCL Sign formed by Flipped Inner Fragment of Torn Meniscus (Short Arrow) located Anterior to Posterior Cruciate Ligament (Long Arrow).
Longitudinal tear in which this tear occurred along the torn tendon fiber and the tear expanded tended to be popular in this study (Figure 2).
A torn meniscus may cause pain, stiffness, swelling, joint instability, and/or mechanical symptoms, such as popping, limited mobility, or a catching sensation in the knee.