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This will be the first time we showcase this new and ground-breaking torpedo system to the market.
Torpedo meanwhile have netted at least four times in four of their last six matches.
As first reported by MAIL TODAY on July 1, officials in the strategic submarine project had communicated their alarm over the cancellation of the Black Shark torpedo deal.
The deal for 100 Black Shark Torpedos, worth 1,500 crores, was was on the verge of being signed in 2013 with Finmecannica's subsidiary Whitehead Sistemi Subacquei (WASS).
Iran started mass-production of home-made advanced Valfajr torpedo in a ceremony attended by Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan and Rear Admiral Sayyari on Tuesday.
The British went further, realizing savings in the long run as they envisioned a future without battleships, using flotillas of torpedo craft and battle cruisers to protect their interests.
He owns more than 1,000 antique and vintage machines, including a Torpedo that was made in Huddersfield in 1885 and sold in Dublin.
Enter ATLAS ELEKTRONIK's SeaSpider anti-torpedo torpedo, billed by the company as "The World's First ATT Effector.
The book splendidly describes the strategic and operational uses of air power at sea, and the details of air combat as experienced by fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers in the three extraordinary squadrons that comprised Air Group 15.
The author subscribes to the notion that developments in torpedo technology exercised a decisive influence upon naval strategy and tactics before and during the First World War.
As illustrated by this analysis, the military-industrial complex comprises more than just the interaction between the navy and the industrial researchers creating the torpedo or any other technology.
com)-- FDB Panel Fittings are pleased to announce availability of their popular torpedo hinge in a “Black” version.