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Mr Christopher Tan, Consulting Editor of Torque and Senior Transport Correspondent of The Straits Times, said: "For what appeared at first to be an uncharacteristically dry year, 2017 actually gave us a number of mouth-watering cars.
Technological advances such as direct injection and turbocharging help contemporary Chevy Truck engines deliver more torque per litre of displacement than ever.
Meanwhile, we set torque angle range from 60 degree to 165 degree, interval of 15 degree.
Norbar has manufactured torque testers for almost as long as they have manufactured wrenches.
Starting with the EGO Zero, Torque underlines its plan to get fully-working smartphones into the hands of more and more Filipinos.
Whenever diametrically opposite stator poles of a SRM are excited, the closest rotor poles are attracted, resulting in torque production.
In this paper, numerical simulations are performed on model setup using the designs of torque converters manufactured by Schaeffer -LuK USA.
On the basis of application, the automotive & transportation application segment held the largest share of the global torque sensor market in 2014, and it is expected to remain dominant throughout the forecast period.
The engine and IWM are settled on the front and rear axle, respectively; vehicle demand torque can be provided by engine and IWM, respectively, or together.
In this study, the implementation for the reduction of the cogging torque of PMSGs has been carried out by employing the pole shifting technique.
Because they are partially filled for much of their length, and achieve melting by as much as 70% conducted heat, counter-rotating twins do not require the same level of torque for a specific output as a single screw.
The red curve shows the motor available torque, and the torque needed by the load is shown in black.