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The medical records of three patients who underwent the HI procedure due to torsional diplopia were retrospectively evaluated.
Nevertheless, evaluating the torsional rigidity of noncircular cross section using analytical methods is very cumbersome due to complex boundary conditions.
Low values of torsional stiffness cause: incorrect distribution of lateral load, incorrect response of the car to chassis changes, big changes in suspension kinematics compared to the designed parameters, increases the dynamic strain on the car, reduces driving stability, increases the fatigue stress of the car.
Inspired by this idea, Baker and Yew [19] combined the Hopkinson bar technique with a specially designed loading mechanism on a torsional wave in 1966, which is called the torsional split Hopkinson bar (TSHB) technique.
Particularly, rotary instruments are subject to higher torsional stresses in narrow canals than in the wider canals; hence the chance of experiencing such repetitive torsional loads is increased [7].
The beam dimensions are 1 [micro]m x 2.5 [micro]m, and the anchors are placed either at the centre (represented by MP-1) or offset from the centre by 2.5 [micro]m (represented by MP-2) to give two different torsional system configurations (Figure 1).
In this paper a four degree of freedom torsional system model is used to represent a simplified powertrain system during clutch engagement.
In this manuscript, we explore the use of the torsional PES to determine the geometry of the lowest energy state for molecules, a methodology which might be extended to larger molecules such as proteins.
The beam is clamped at A, s = 0, and free at B, s = l, where s is the abscissa spanning the points of the axis line; its flexural and torsional stiffness are E]y, and GJX, respectively, with E and G being the elastic and tangential moduli; moreover, m is the mass per unit length and [I.sub.x] is the rotational moment of inertia.
In order to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, the torsional stiffness of multiarc sprag clutch is calculated to compare with the other two methods, using the measured parameters of sprag clutch [13].
The largest torsional moment that occurred during tightening torque application manually or using a ratchet torque wrench was measured.
[18] have investigated the effects of the two-parameter surrounding elastic foundation for the torsional buckling of a double-walled CNT.