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Wrongful; conduct of such character as to subject the actor to civil liability under Tort Law.

In order to establish that a particular act was tortious, a plaintiff must prove that an actionable wrong existed and that damages ensued from that wrong.


Tort Law.

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adj. referring to an act which is a tort (civil wrong). (See: tort)

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advantage--or "tortious interference with a prospect" for
In such circumstances, the employer's claim for compensation for the contractor's delay will only be based on tortious liability, whereby the employer will be obliged to prove the following:
Criminal and tortious behaviour remain illegal picketing activities.
Permitting a claim for tortious interference with prospective economic relations based solely on a party's perceived motive introduces significant uncertainty in determining when activity and competition that would otherwise be lawful becomes unlawful.
Superior Court the insurer specifically pled a cause of action for the "tortious breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing," but did not assert a cause of action based in contract.
For example, rescuers may sometimes act negligently following a tortious event leading to aggravated injuries.
Mercury Cable's legal counsel is continuing its investigation of claims for damages against CTC Global for Tortious Interference and Inequitable Conduct.
continued tortious leak or dumping activity, will constitute a
Penney pay damages for its tortious interference with the contract between Macy's and MSLO."
Further, a 2008 California Superior Court ruling awarding ICO USD603m for breach of contract, fraud and tortious interference was reversed by the California Court of Appeal on 13 April 2012 which also awarded Boeing its appellate court costs.
Subsequently, she brought suit for unlaw ful termination alleging retaliatory discharge in violation of the Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA ): defamation: tortious interference with contract, and disability discrimination in violation of New Jersey's Law Against Discrimination (LAD).