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6 shows how rough the estimation of the tortuosities in the white part represented in Fig.
To sum up, the 2D square propagating front underestimates the geodesic distances and then underestimate the tortuosities.
The histogram of the tortuosities estimated with discs (Fig.
9d still highlights a high number of voxels with a tortuosity equal to 1 because of the global straightness of the tube, but it is not blind to higher tortuosities, as the cube is.
The tortuosities in both materials are globally lower and close to 1 in the pores (Figs.
Like for the fibrous media, the tortuosities of the porous media according to Ox and Oy are lower than in the Oz direction and are similar for both real and simulated media.
The only difference between both simulations lies in the tortuosities of the cylinders.