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Coronary artery tortuosity in spontaneous coronary artery dissection: angiographic characteristics and clinical implications.
Similarly, the impact of subclavian tortuosity may lead to difficulty of access when the right radial approach is carried out, which may affect the success rate of right radial approach adversely.
This behavior is may be due to the precipitation of degradation, which leads to the increase of the tortuosity (F) and shrinkage of the porosity ([rho]) of the cork.
Some of these are (i) vessel calibre of a specified segment, (ii) simple tortuosity, (iii) number of different Fractal Dimensions (FD), (iv) vesselto-background ratio/percentage (V/B (%)),(v) average of acute branching angles (ABA) defined as the smallest angle between two daughter vessels, and (vi) the total number of branching angles (TBA).
The imaging included in the report illustrates a clear tortuosity of the ureter, which was secondary to the severity of outflow obstruction manifested as urinary retention.
1]), (is the tortuosity factor of the pore in the coating, d is the coating thickness (cm), and [R.
sup][1] Risk factors for SF include excessive tortuosity, angulation, bifurcation lesion or change in angulation following stent implantation of coronary vessels.
The examination confirmed the presence of an abnormal dilatation and tortuosity of the paratesticular structures in the spermatic cord (more than 2 mm in diameter) with reflux during the Valsalva maneuver, which was still believed to be consistent with a right varicocele.
The AltaBlu agent will soon be available to researchers through inviCRO to enable novel research and image analysis development pertaining to vessel dimensions, tortuosity, and branching, the company said.
The buckling length is controlled by the nanostructural parameters of the turf which are the turf density, connectivity, and tortuosity (average curvature).
Membranes used for depth filtration include glass fiber or polypropylene wool, which have large pore sizes; the tortuosity of the filtration path enables large particles to be retained.
2]/s), and J is tortuosity factor to account for tortuous paths in the porous material that may inhibit gas diffusion (Stephen et al, 2005).