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The tortuous course of the splenic artery is considered so variable that no two arteries are alike, but the tortuosity of the artery is absent in infants and children.
These features allow for superior trackability and guidewire support while accessing tortuous regions of the coronary and peripheral vasculature.
Tortuous indeed but none more so for the pawn in their legal games, who, if reports are true, has not yet met her father Whatever their legal disputes surely Gemma has rights too and none more so than to have her dad in her life no matter how old she may be.
That's a full 13 tortuous weeks of Davina shouting at us like we're deaf care home residents.
The recovery will be hard and tortuous, and it will be hard to see an obvious recovery in international demand in the short term.
AneuGraft(R) Pericardium Covered Stent is especially suitable for patients with tortuous vessels where other covered stents may not be adequate for use due to limitations resulting from tortuous anatomy" said Efri Argaman ITGI Medical CEO.
Q: My heart catheterization was normal, other than "very tortuous cardiac vessels.
RUGBY UNION: Eoin Reddan has urged his Ireland team-mates to prove their tortuous World Cup was just an aberration by overwhelming Italy tomorrow.
IT remains tortuous to get there and tortuous to get away from.
The author recreates each day of 'Old Big Ead's tortuous reign in almost poetic diary form - as Cloughie would have seen and thought it.
is based on a proprietary nylon copolymer and incorporates nanoclay platelets that act as a barrier, creating a tortuous path for liquid or vapor to penetrate.