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the groups with the most crashes have higher tortuousness figures (see Fig.
When contemporary Kantian ethicists and Kant scholars do turn to this question, their exposition is predictably tortuous; yet too few have asked whether this tortuousness might indicate that there is something amiss with prevailing understandings of maxims.
The tortuousness of this formulation--why not "ceased to recognize her body as her own"?
The largeness and tortuousness of the veins is used in judging dairy cattle.
Getman attributes the tortuousness of the strategic decision-making process largely to union politics, but I believe it may reflect genuine agonizing over what directions to take in a struggle of such magnitude and against such odds.
Both titles have been widely and favourably reviewed, literary editors presumably welcoming a readable form of academic criticism that rejects the jargon and tortuousness of contemporary literary theory.