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Seemingly, those tortured have the ability to ease their suffering through confession or surrender, but they have no real control over the duration and intensity of experienced and expected agony.
Ironically, political dissidents who are tortured by state agents for holding some political opinions are seen as heroes, and honoured by the society, whereas women victims of domestic torture are stigmatized.
The preface to The United States and Torture was written by Dianna Ortiz, a nun who was raped, burned, beaten, and otherwise tortured in Guatemala in 1989, all under the auspices of a U.
He was himself imprisoned for three and a half months, tortured, and kept in solitary confinement last year.
While other texts have considered torture from the perspective of the one who is tortured (for instance, Jean Amery's At the Mind's Limits), Ballengee's text considers torture from the perspective of the witness to torture.
Lebanese, French Organizations Express Concern over Allegedly Tortured Detainee The Lebanese Center for Human Rights and two French organizations including Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture (ACAT), have expressed deep concern over Faysal Ghazi Moqalled, claiming he has been illegally detained and tortured by Lebanese authorities, allegedly for dealing with Israel, the Beirut influential daily AN NAHAR reported Tuesday.
In addition to legal and historical analyses, editor Thomas Hilde has chosen to include a number of essays that concentrate on the personal aspect of torture--on the experiences of the tortured and on the mind-set of the torturers themselves.
Summary: "The healthy man does not torture others--generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers.
Moreover, the family of those tortured undergo 'parallel experiences' to the torture victim: 'psychological terror and suffering on the part of the family; stress for the family as a result of the suffering inflicted on their loved one; confusion, anger, emotional isolation; difficulties in maintaining healthy relationships' (55).
While dictatorships and authoritarian regimes may have tortured more, and more indiscriminately, it is the police and the military in the main democratic states who were leaders in adapting and innovating clean methods of torture; methods which after World War II spread all over the world.
In any case, most people would prefer a brief term of imprisonment to being tortured.
That seems to me to be the proper balance if it is reasonably certain the person being tortured (and how do we define torture?