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Torus National, earlier known as TIG Indemnity Co, is a subsidiary Torus Insurance Holdings Limited (Torus).
4% of torus palatine in Malaysian but low prevalence of torus mandibularis (2.
The ratings on Torus National will remain under review until AM Best has assessed Torus group's plans for the company, including the level of financial support Torus will provide, the agency added.
Torus location on and structure of the pit membrane appear identical in Pieconia excelsa and O.
Researchers have also discovered a three-dimensional analog of the torus, as well as an infinitely large family of more exotic three-dimensional spaces.
When pit membranes were seen in face view with the SEM, the torus was observed to be a centrally located structure surrounded by the margo, which in turn was surrounded by the annulus (Fig.
1990) detailed torus development in this genus and hypothesized that such a structure prevented membrane rupture during aspiration.
All the surface curvature of an ordinary torus is concentrated in the creases and corners of the polyhedron.
have proved mathematically that the standard double bubble triumphs over the torus bubble as the two-chambered geometric structure of least surface area.