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The results of experimental research on the traction properties of the torus at the stand ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2002) were obtained by the author ([TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] 2006) (Fig.
Tough and no-nonsense, he's the type to break opponents' hearts, whereas the expectation surrounding King Torus is now at a point where he's more likely to break our hearts.
has affirmed the FSR of A- (Excellent) and ICR of "a-" of Torus Specialty Insurance Company (Torus Specialty) and Torus National Insurance Company (Torus National) (both domiciled in Wilmington, DE).
One particular type of pit membrane consists of a thin, water-permeable, fibrillar component (margo) encircling a central, impermeable thickening referred to as a torus (Dute and Elder 2011).
Following the acquisition, Torus invested in the full-scale rebranding of its offering including a name change, branding as well as a revamped website.
Triangular Torus, Three Rectangles I, 2001, is made up, as its title indicates, of three rectangles dividing the torus's flattened doughnut shape into perfect thirds.
A triangular uplighter trough formed from Concord track houses T5 lamps; it is supported by delicate 'gull-wing' brackets, carrying Torus 100 and Torus 50 spotlights.
This investigation revealed the presence of a horn-like, pyramid-shaped lesion on the medial aspect of the left torus tubarius.
has affirmed the financial strength rating of A- (Excellent) and issuer credit ratings of "a-" of Torus Specialty Insurance Company (Torus Specialty) and Torus National Insurance Company (Torus National).
The torus is centrally located on the circular pit membrane and is of such a diameter as to occlude an adjoining aperture when the membrane is displaced during the introduction of air.
a leading provider of software and services for the insurance industry, announced it signed an agreement with Torus Specialty Insurance, a subsidiary of Torus Services US, Inc.
Amazingly, more than a hundred years ago, mathematicians proved that every closed surface in space is simply some version of a sphere, a doughnut surface--which they call a torus--or a torus with extra holes.