toss aside

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Chimes" by just a hair; toss aside her wrap of many years, change
We are well-to-do enough here to see footwear as fashion, or to toss aside a pair for an offense as small as a scuff or a shoelace break.
TOSS aside the diet and enjoy a free pancake at Leadenhall Market on Tuesday when teams from the City of London scramble for the Leadenhall Pancake Race cup.
Monkeys will toss aside a reward if it isn't as desirable as a partner's.
CATHOLIC SO strapped for cash that you'd toss aside Christ's command to put away our swords?
Navarrette says, "As part of a new generation of Mexican-Americans trying to find its own voice, I want most of all to challenge readers to toss aside their assumptions and prejudices and think of critical issues in a different light.
A more gracious guest might say the Sports Arena is the victim of fickle Hollywood, where we too quickly toss aside our sweethearts for younger models with bigger, firmer luxury suites.
Either way, toss aside the short bracket screws provided by the manufacturer and buy No.
He left me feeling cheap, like a piece of rubbish he could just toss aside when he had his fun.
Throw away your desktop calendars and toss aside your date books .