toss aside

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Chimes" by just a hair; toss aside her wrap of many years, change
We are well-to-do enough here to see footwear as fashion, or to toss aside a pair for an offense as small as a scuff or a shoelace break.
But as the lovely Ashleigh won pounds 500,00 for getting Pudsey to jump and roll about to the Mission Impossible theme I would not be surprised now if kids up and down the country toss aside their dreams to become the next Jay-Z or Beyonce and lock themselves in their bedrooms with the family pet and refuse to come out until they are ready to show Simon Cowell your family could be the next to cash in on the collie, corgi or even cross-breed.
TOSS aside the diet and enjoy a free pancake at Leadenhall Market on Tuesday when teams from the City of London scramble for the Leadenhall Pancake Race cup.
Toss aside that tote and get a grip on a petite purse for those parties.
Monkeys will toss aside a reward if it isn't as desirable as a partner's.
Monkeys will toss aside a reward if it isn't as attractive as a partner's.
CATHOLIC SO strapped for cash that you'd toss aside Christ's command to put away our swords?