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FIRST-INNINGS AVERAGES THE TOSS Australia's average total in last ten Tests 393 Visitors' average total in last ten Tests 277 Average total in last ten Tests involving England 300 Aus average total in last ten Tests v England 321 England's average total in last ten Tests 280 AUSTRALIA ENGLAND Tosses won 7 4 All Tests Pld Won bat 1st Won bat 2nd Tie Draw Won toss and batted 19 6 10 0 3 Won toss and fielded 18 8 6 0 4 Fifth Test January 3-7 SYDNEY The SCG traditionally offers plenty of assistance to the spinners.
In Sunday's ax competition, contestants had two practice tosses and then three tosses that counted.
It would take about 10,000 tosses before a casual observer would become aware of such a small bias, Diaconis says.
In fact Stewart won two tosses before asking Zimbabwe to bat first at Trent Bridge and England went on to win handsomely by seven wickets, their third success out of four.
In one fluid motion, the QB tosses to the TB - leading him with a chest-high toss.
The leader then calls a name and tosses a sock, stuffed with soft material, to the named individual.
Marvic Feraren of the Liberal Party was declared winner over rival Salvador Py of the Nationalista Party when the coin landed "heads" three times out of five tosses.