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TOTAL. Complete; containing the whole; as the total amount of an account is all the items of such account added together; total incapacity, is an absolute and complete incapacity to do a thing. A married woman is totally incapable to make a contract, because, although having intelligence, she has not legal capacity and an idiot is totally incapable to enter into a contract, because he has no will.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Of the forage crops, the total area of alfalfa cultivation amounted to 23,765 acres, with a total production of 378,510 tonnes while the total area of Rhodes grass cultivation reached 86,403 acres, with a production of 1,176,810 tonnes.
5###Virgin Islands###95.7% of total population###2018
Motor Gasoline--Beginning in 1993, the motor gasoline data (for total, commercial sector, industrial sector, and transportation sector) in Step 1 include fuel ethanol, a non-fossil renewable fuel.
Total Spec Release/Specialty $37,673,320 7.3% 782,190
Nationally, the median total income for couple families rose 1.6% to $64,800 in 2004.
Atlanta: Building 200 at AMB Horizon Creek is a fully pre-leased, 88,400 s/f distribution facility with a projected total investment of $5.9 million.
That is, over the range of output for which product price exceeds marginal cost for a ppt, increased production will increase total profit since total revenue will increase by more than total cost; similarly, over the range of labor for which marginal revenue product exceeds labor's wage for a rpt, the hire of additional labor will increase total profit for the same reason.
David moffett went on the warpath again over the WRU's controversial ticketing policy by producing figures for Premiership football which he believes backs up what he has done.: THE PREMIERSHIP ATTENDANCES TO DATE FOR 2004-05:1: Manchester United: 6 matches: Total 407,185: Average 67,864 2: Newcastle: 7 matches: Total: 363,836: Average 51,977 3: Manchester City: 7 matches.
Total loan commitments classified as either substandard, doubtful, or loss fell $78.2 billion, or 51 percent, from the previous year, compared with a net decrease of $4.9 billion, or 3 percent, the year before.