total loss

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TOTAL LOSS. A technical expression, importing an utter loss of the property for the voyage, and no more. 1 T. R. 187. Vide Loss, and 2 Phil. Ev. 54, n.; 16 East, R. 214 Park's Ins. Index, h.t.; Marsh. Ins. 486.

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will perform a Total Loss Claim Review which is a full analysis of a claim and an examination of the vehicle's value and an assessment of the fairness of the insurance company's total loss offer.
The Loss Advisor tool uses insurance company and IAA data to allow for a significant enhancement in the accuracy of the evaluation typically given by existing tools regarding early total loss prediction, said Pat Walsh, senior vice president of business development, IAA.
The experience of an international company such as Copart will facilitate the marketing process of salvage vehicles after the settlement of the constructive total loss claims and make it more efficient and reflect positively on the motor loss ratio," Mr Al Shaikh said.
A cyber-attack targeting technology on board, in particular electronic navigation systems, could possibly lead to a total loss or even involve several vessels from one company," said Kinsey.
Average dollars of total loss sale (to uncover which salvage companies pay the highest)
While returning to the airplane's base and at about 5000 feet agl, the engine experienced a total loss of power.
If there is $100 million of risk and a total loss, will the reinsurers be able to cover that total risk?
said "Our Invoice Price Cover is a unique product that is designed to offer complete protection against theft or total loss of an insured's vehicle.
The insurance company may wish to write off the vehicle as a total loss.
In HB 2190, the Legislature charged the Insurance Division with producing a consumer-friendly "Vehicle Total Loss Notice" form that includes "Information about (vehicle) total loss, vehicle valuations and the duties of the insurer .
total loss, near-total loss, interior flooding, structural damage or roof damage).
First, the assertion that the valued policy law was not written to apply to a policy where covered (wind) and noncovered (flood) perils combine to create a total loss is inconsistent with Florida law.

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