total loss

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TOTAL LOSS. A technical expression, importing an utter loss of the property for the voyage, and no more. 1 T. R. 187. Vide Loss, and 2 Phil. Ev. 54, n.; 16 East, R. 214 Park's Ins. Index, h.t.; Marsh. Ins. 486.

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Total Loss Concierge is the latest innovation from Progressive.
These are the first products IAA is bringing to market within our Total Loss Solutions strategy," commented Pat Walsh, senior vice president of business development, IAA.
The insurance company may wish to write off the vehicle as a total loss.
In HB 2190, the Legislature charged the Insurance Division with producing a consumer-friendly "Vehicle Total Loss Notice" form that includes "Information about (vehicle) total loss, vehicle valuations and the duties of the insurer .
The total loss provision of the VPL that has sparked so much debate provides: "In the event of the total loss of any building .
But at least the West's Cody Cipriano of Westlake High won the pregame home run contest, so the day wasn't a total loss.
3 billion,, PT Marga Bumi Matra Raya (MBMR), the operator of the Surabaya-Gresik toll road reporting total loss of Rp 393.
Direct car insurer Admiral issued that warning this week following research that showed most people are unaware that there are thousands of cars on British roads that have previously been declared a total loss.
Basically this clause stipulates that if the client does not insure their building and equipment to proper replacement or actual cash value limits, the client will have to pay for part of the loss regardless if the loss is a partial or total loss.
Over 25 million trees are used each year in chopstick manufacturing, a number that could result in the total loss of China's forests within a decade, environmentalists say.
All knowledgeable neurotologists know that patients sometimes have total loss of hearing with normal vestibular function in one ear, and total loss of vestibular function with normal hearing in the opposite ear.
But just so the trip isn't a total loss, journalist Kief Hillsbery adds an environmental twist to the plot: This motley band of renegades is out to save the redwood forests.

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