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05-10198, Totalization Agreement With Canada, available at tinyurl.
Philosophically speaking, the contrast is between totalization or commensurability on the one hand, and difference or incommensurability on the other.
In Asante's own words, in The Afrocentric Idea, "Afrocentricity is the most complete philosophical totalization of the African being-at-the-center of his or her existence.
On the Totalization Agreement, Sharma drew attention of the USTR to the regulatory and process related problems being faced by the Indian IT industry in obtaining H1B and L1 visas.
The relative lack of resonance of Eurocentric theories with the non-Western world emanates from these two Eurocentric ideologies of totalization and trivialization.
This resistance to totalization dates back at least to The Crying of Lot 49, but the sense in which Salle found it "very interest[ing]" demonstrates that, though it is philosophically grounded in the postmodern ethos, the resistance to totalization had become for him an aesthetic strategy.
Among numerous likely conjectures concerning the allegorical significance of this unsettling scene, one might speculate that in thus slaying the monstrous toad which would otherwise consume the tree of life, the protagonist can be said to have overcome a primordial urge to devour the world very much akin to the mad fantasy of totalization evinced by the principal character of Balzac's Wild Ass's Skin.
And instead, Bush had already signed the Social Security Totalization Pact with Mexico designed to permit illegal immigrants to receive Social Security benefits, approved the use of Matricula Consular identification cards issued by Mexican authorities that eased the process of obtaining driver's licenses and opening bank accounts, and placed our nation in the Security and Prosperity Partnership with Mexico and Canada as a step toward merging the three nations in a North American Union.
They discuss the emergence and development of the science of wildlife management as it affected Inuit populations and the management regime for key species important to Inuit culture and survival, arguing that totalization in relation to the Inuit meant, for the state, "the transmutation of need away from relations to animals and towards what so-called progress had to offer: wage employment, permanent housing, settlement living, and all that they entail.
One can be conscious of an external totalization, but one cannot be conscious of a totalization which also totalizes consciousness.
The second, introduced more recently, is the totalization agreement, which is in form an "executive agreement"--a legal instrument that differs from a traditional treaty.
it opens up a space that is skeptical of cultural totalization, of notions of identity which depend for their authority on being 'originary' .