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The same considerations apply to immigrants, as well, as long as they emigrate from countries with totalization agreements.
Many other works, both academic and nonacademic, and in a variety of media, try to forge a syntax that connects a variety of struggles beyond the ephemerality of tactic and the totalization of strategy.
Both countries decided to resume talks on the Bilateral Investment Treaty ( BIT) and the long- pending ' Totalization Agreement', which will benefit millions of Indians working in the US with regard to social security taxes.
But totalization commutes with homotopy limits (since for example, Tot X [equivalent] [holim.sub.[DELTA]] X by [1]).
With totalization, Filipinos who have divided their career time between the Philippines and these countries will be able to combine their coverage periods in both countries to meet eligibility requirements for social security pension in either or both countries.
That historical reconstruction remains a labor signals the anti-teleological nature of an ongoing process, complicating The Emigrants's seeming resort to aesthetic totalization. As I will explore further, the text also resists totalization through its sustained opposition to homogenizing the past, aspiring rather to give momentary voice to what would otherwise remain inarticulable traces.
* If it is a social security tax, Americans living in countries that have social security totalization agreements (SSTAs) with the United States may be exempt.
Foucault's Critique of Political Reason: Individualization and Totalization.
This is an illustration of the failure of NSC officers and new ways for totalization of the state," said Umetalieva in an interview with AKIpress on July 6.
Running counter to the totalization of instrumental-rational enlightenment, Chung contcxtualizes Emmanuel Levinas's categories by taking seriously religious outsiders.
Complex totalization functions are standard, including parallel operation of positive, negative, and net flow totalizers.
The belt feeder can provide either a "closed loop" gravimetric control of material feed rate or an "open loop" control for precise convey rate output and totalization of an uncontrolled or intermittent material supply.