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Dually, we let crep(F) be the cosimplicial replacement of F, a cosimplicial space whose totalization gives the homotopy limit of F.
But totalization commutes with homotopy limits (since for example, Tot X [equivalent] [holim.
So, after interchanging the totalization with the homotopy limit, we are now taking homotopy limits in the vertical direction first, then the totalization of the resulting cosimplicial space second.
The final paragraph of Against the Day encapsulates the novel's resistance to totalization.
Not only do these three sentences, so differently interpreted by the two reviewers, resist totalization by themselves, but, to repeat what Jameson said of Salle's artwork, there is no "hermeneutic or interpretive system to domesticate [their] juxtapositions" with the sentence that follows them and/or with the five preceding sentences of that final paragraph, that would "turn them into usable meanings" (Posmodernism 175).
The historical project of deconstruction is perhaps most accurately described as the deconstruction of totalization, including (one might say, especially) capitalist totalization (the presence-fetishizing required by clock- and work-time, the reduction of all human and non-human relations to market relations, etc.
9) Even on the level of subjective self-understanding, then, we are dealing with re-presentation since the totalization effected is always imaginary.
Rather, he attempts to go to the very beginning--simultaneously both accepting the impossibility of any "objective" totalization and committing himself to the search.
Sartre himself clarified this point in a 1969 interview for the New Left Review: "What I call the vecu is precisely the whole of the dialectical process of psychic life, a process which remains necessarily opaque to itself for it is a constant totalization, and a totalization which cannot be conscious of what it is.
We define similarly the homotopy totalization of a map of cosimplicial spaces.
1 below) to the cohomology of its homotopical totalization
Sometimes, when T is the homotopy totalization of the cosimplicial space [X.