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It is a form, a literary or religious form, that can challenge any totality system, especially the totalizing systems of modernity.
The achievement of the poet Rilke, born in Prague, writing in German, and living much of his productive life in France and Switzerland, was the creation of an idiosyncratic language that safeguarded "the radical specificity of individual experience" from any totalizing discourse.
Given that, as Phillip Snyder contends, "Hurston's life and work celebrate travel over arrival, motion over stasis, possibilities over probabilities, dialogic over monologic, and infinity over totality," scholars might resist a totalizing configuration of Hurston.
It is this totalizing, politically reductive aspect of the movement that critics--most notably Wendy Kaminer in I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional and David Rieff in "Victims, All?
The project includes installation of one 138-12.47KV 15/20/25MVA Power Transformer with steel structure, two 25KV totalizing breakers, a 138 kV circuit switcher, a 138 kV air break switch with steel stand, and relaying and control work associated with the equipment.
F.'s treatment of the meaning of liturgical memorial (anamnesis) is particularly valuable because, enlisting an impressive array of contemporary liturgical theologians, he shows how this kind of memorial can actually be liberating from a "modernist" totalizing discourse--avoiding the romanticizing of suffering while paying attention to those who suffer today.
Unconvinced by "totalizing accounts" of "the cultural conditions of theatrical pleasure," they agree to disagree.
Likely motivated by the inclination to search for totalizing explanatory schemes, the emphasis on distinctiveness moves us toward ever more complex taxonomies.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 1) Z5/MISC-ROV-A-107490 15 High bright LCD panel 19 rack mount Qty 03 Nos 2) Z6/ARJ-E3-3000920 Limit switch Qty 02 Nos3) Z1/MISC-TUNG-TSA4-711-003 Transformer Qty 01 Nos 4) Z1/6130-000427 Rectifier Metallic 3Phase full wave bridge input 192 VA Output 232 VDC Qty 145 Nos 5) Z1/6645-000133 Metertime totalizing flush panel mounting type 50Hz 200-240 VA 2.5W Continuous 0 to 9999, 9Hours Qty 74 Nos 6) Z6/5999-048711 Printed Circuit board GPS Sensor, 2MM JDC Cable Qty 20 Nos 7) Z1/5340-011633 Mount Resilient Rubber 107MM Dia 42MM Lt Qty 420 Nos 8) Z6/MISC-25614 Ring Gear Qty 06 Nos 9) Z1/5930-001998 Switch Rotary 2 Pole ON/OFF 440 VAC, 16AMP Qty 71 Nos 10) Z1/5945-001334 Relay Armature plug in type 24VDC, 2 C/O 8Pin Octal base Qty 2978 Nos
With better than [+ or -] 3 percent linearity (full scale) and 0.2 percent repeatability (full scale), these flow totalizing systems provide accurate measurement of liquid flow and are suitable for critical flow measurement applications.
If the show crosses borders, it might be on the level of discourse, because in a sense it deliberately ignores the local and concentrates on issues that critical theorists have in the past called "totalizing."
AC flow rate output signal is readily transmitted to local or remote electronic analog & digital instrumentation for indicating, totalizing, recording or control purposes.