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TOTAL. Complete; containing the whole; as the total amount of an account is all the items of such account added together; total incapacity, is an absolute and complete incapacity to do a thing. A married woman is totally incapable to make a contract, because, although having intelligence, she has not legal capacity and an idiot is totally incapable to enter into a contract, because he has no will.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Categories highlighted in color include national brand and private label totals. Figures in parentheses represent a negative number.
* The FBI bases percent cleared statistics on aggregated offense and clearance totals. The percentage of crimes cleared by arrest is obtained first by dividing the number of offenses cleared by the number of offenses known and then multiplying the resulting figure by 100.
AMB's presence in Chicago now totals approximately 14.3 million square feet of operating and development facilities.
(5.) Note that the current industry totals categorizes borrowers according to 2002 NAICS codes, in contrast to previous releases of SNC data, which categorized borrowers according to 1997 NAICS codes.
(AAMG), Ann Arbor, Michigan, reported total second-quarter 2002 production of $21.55 billion, with 138,961 units funded, AAMG's second-quarter 2002 production reflects an increase of 4 percent, or $851 million, from second-quarter 2001 totals.
If you want to see the sales totals for a particular division, you can
Corporate training technology expenditures will take up the largest portion of total education technology spending in 2004 (35 percent), followed closely by K-12 institutions, which will account for 34.4 percent of projected spending totals.
Comparison of the 1991 and 1992 robbery totals revealed that those committed with firearms were up by 2 percent.
comparisons between 2010 arrest totals and those published in
The current level of sublease space on the market totals 2.0 msf, which represents roughly a 20% decline in sublease space over the past year.
A comparison of 1990 and 1991 robbery totals shows that those committed with firearms were up by 17 percent.
between 2007 arrest totals and those published in previous years'