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The competition asked children to redesign the community totem pole.
The final totem pole, which stands 13 feet high, celebrates visual art and music.
Unlike other guidebooks, this book demonstrates that "the totem pole is not a category of Native art invented hundreds of years ago that maintained its original significance, but is instead, a type of art that has over the decades been transformed by the colonial encounter.
The St Asaph totem pole (left) will feature biographical images from the life of controversial explorer HM Stanley of 'Dr Livingstone, I presume,' fame
I don't care what you put on the totem pole, I just want my dog Bobo on there," wrote a southerner, whose pole included a panel in the back for the mutt's ashes.
SENSE OF HISTORY: The town of Ketchikan,home to the totem pole museum
Mr Levy described picking up the ornamental totem pole and hitting her once and hitting her again two or three times more.
The totem pole, which is in its natural color, features many crests to honor the totem spirits of many bands.
Many paintings have virtuoso passages of real imaginative power, such as the grisaille totem pole of nightmarish cartoons popping out of an incandescent orange background in Cast of Characters, 1993.
The first part describes Northwest Coast culture and provides a clear statement of the history of totem pole use.
Last spring inSaxman, two clans of Tlingits--the Ravens and the Eagles--raised a totem pole carved by renowned Tlingit artist Nathan Jackson.
Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) is on our hot stocks list this afternoon, albeit low on the totem pole.