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She wanted to create totem poles with her students at West Newton Elementary School, and was contemplating several possibilities.
Indeed, Sitkans of all ages relish walking among the totem poles along the rainforest trails or beachcombing; each fall they marvel at Indian River's crowded runs of salmon coming home.
Standing, Kier Reece and Daniel Jones, and, front, Leslie Flynn, Sam Higgitt and Adrian Krygier, Fitzalan High School pupils who helped make the totem pole
Brady present to the District of Alaska for its museum a totem pole which was erected at Kasaan Village by my uncle.
The totem pole was a gift of the WCC's Canadian member churches and the country's First Nations.
As anyone who has ever worked on a loading dock or the shop floor can tell you, there's not a whole lot to find out about what it's like to be at the bottom of the totem pole that people at the top of the totem pole don't already know.
African Americans are already at the end of the totem pole socially, economically and politically," he said.
RESIDENTS of a troubled community have raised their spirits - by building a totem pole.
Being gay puts me on the lowest rung of the totem pole, and this ultimately has provided me with a way out.
Certainly until the century only recently past, choreographers (or "dance arrangers" as Broadway liked to call them) were the lowest artists on any cultural totem pole, regarded rather as stage directors (i.
Since its debut last year, the cosmetic-surgery show "Extreme Makeover" has drawn runaway ratings, its many viewers at once fascinated and appalled by the needles, incisions, and bandages the mostly female participants will endure in order to climb a few notches on the beauty totem pole.
Although Totem received minimal attention, Gil Cardinale's moving film about the Haisla people's struggle to reclaim their sacred G'psgolox totem pole from the National Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm is a powerful and vital example of how Native peoples in this country are still systemically mistreated and misunderstood.