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This, however, is wide of the mark, because descent is generally framed as originating from a major totemic site, its dreaming and its original holder:
Images and colours he identifies as representing both co-exist, Janus--like on opposite sides of a totemic form.
He was the first senior player in the Goodison dressing room to get his act together after the defensively chaotic start to the campaign, and on a personal level he hasn't looked back since that totemic display - and wonder-goal - eptember.
These totemic and historic maps accommodate changing architectures of the lake, as cast by geomorphologists, with flexible skeins of changing settlement, mobility and Dreaming tracks.
Within the imaginary of such ritual practices, items like masks can be imbued with totemic supernatural powers.
What happened to the Reeves shop was totemic of what happened on Monday night and lots of people are asking what can we do to resurrect it.
Among them are individualism and the intellectuals, religious systems of primitive societies, the introduction and several chapters of The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life: the Totemic System in Australia, and the introduction to Moral Education.
Not only do they get a lucrative cut of the district's drugs revenues, but the area is totemic for the number of Nato casualties there - 133 dead, and counting.
And there were rumbles of discontent that coalition government has meant giving up too much ground to Lib Dems on totemic issues such as Europe, law and order and immigration.
The musician, described by Jazzwise magazine as "one of the totemic figures of British jazz," died in a London hospital on Saturday after a short but undisclosed illness.
Former leader Charles Kennedy has warned of the dangers of ditching a totemic commitment so closely associated with the party.