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Yet while after the first killing the sons had established totemism, this time they found 'an alternative method of allaying their guilt'.
There has been the need among Africans to change attitudes which feed prejudices against neighbours, a factor fanned by inherited colonial borders and the politics of totemism, the latter of which was also influenced by colonial strategies of divide and rule which the leaders now conveniently espouse under the guise of authentic origins.
and dynamic mosaic of memory and dream, character totemism and animal
Rose, 'Common Property Regimes in Aboriginal Australia, Totemism Revisited', in P.
39) Schmidt gives a good summary and refutation of the various theories as to whether animism, festishism, magic, totemism, etc.
12) where enduring clans develop to produce fixed rules of exogamy, ancestor veneration, and, ultimately--given natural, usually zoological eponyms--the quasi-religious culture complex called totemism.
the totemism of trees and flowers, and Prado's love for the poet and actor Harry Northrup who merges with Orpheus.
In an interesting discussion of Nuaulu clan totems, he complicates Levi-Strauss' picture of totemism by insisting that multiple logics are at work in the selection of species for totemic attention, not a single logic of contrasted features.
Here Miller suggests how "classical" anthropologists misunderstood such locally refined concepts as totemism -- misperceptions due to their epistemologically conditioned ideological projections.
Studies in Australian Totemism: The Nature of Australian Totemism.
The indigenous existential philosophy of totemism was utilised to enforce a sustainable use of some animal species within families that adopted them as totems.
Radcliffe-Brown, AR 1929 'Notes on totemism in eastern Australia', Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland 59:399-415.